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Beautiful hiking is of course possible in the Ardennes. Enjoy beautiful views and special trips through nature with our tips.

Discover nature

Nowhere can you take a more beautiful walk than in our very own Belgian Ardennes. Beautiful views in the mountains and special natural phenomena in the forests of the Ardennes. From the campsite there are several beautiful trails for hiking. At the reception we have the most special routes in the immediate area. 

There are routes for families with young children, for the adventurous, the elderly, the real hikers and much more. For every camper there is a hike that suits him or her.

Walking with each other

During the vacations you can also go out with volunteers to learn about nature. Regularly a group of volunteers leaves the campsite to show you the most beautiful places. During this trip you will see the most beautiful views, because our volunteers know the area very well of course!

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