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Sheep's cheese

Sheep cheese is made from sheep's milk, that seems logical! However, a large part of the sheep cheeses that appear on the table in restaurants in the Netherlands and Belgium are made from cow's milk. About a third, as a study in Germany found. Cow's milk is cheaper, therefore label tampering is rewarding. The deception would hardly be noticeable to the user.

However, at the Acremont sheepfold (Bertrix) you can still taste the authentic taste of sheep's cheese, made from sheep's milk. Cheese master Peter de Cock is happy to introduce his company to you: from running a sheep farm to processing sheep's milk into a finished product. You will have the opportunity on site to taste and buy from a wide range of delicious products.
La Bergerie d'Acremont - Rue de Bernifa 17 - B-6680 Bertrix - 0032 (0)61 535435 -