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Belgian beer

In no other country is beer brewed with such diverse flavors and alcohol levels as in Belgium. Indicated by the colors blond, brown, amber or white, the taste is always different. Unique are the real Trappist beers with beautiful pronounced flavors and usually a hefty alcohol percentage. They are served and drunk with attention. Abbey and regional beers are often less heavy, but certainly not less tasty. The white beers are thirst quenchers par excellence.

When on vacation in Wallonia, there is always a locally brewed beer on the beer menu. It comes from artisanal or microbreweries where beer is brewed according to a well-preserved family recipe. The breweries are regularly open to the public and a visit to a brewery is always concluded with a beer tasting. In the craft breweries of the province of Luxembourg, you are welcomed by the producers themselves. However, you have to make a reservation in advance.

The main breweries in the province of Luxembourg are:

Brasserie d'Achouffe
Rue du Village 32 - 6666 Achouffe - Phone: 0032 (0)61 289455

Brasserie Saint-Monon
Rue Principale 41 - 6953 Ambly - Phone: 0032 (0)84 214632

Brasserie artisanale de Rulles
Rue Maurice Grévisse 36 - 6724 Rulles - Phone: 0032 (0)63 411838

Brasserie Millevertus
Ruelle de la Fiels 8 - 6700 Toernich - Phone: 0032 (0)63 223497