General Terms and Conditions

To make your stay as smooth as possible for you and the other guests, we have drawn up some rules below. This way, there will be no surprises for you or us. Please read the following carefully. If anything is unclear, please contact us. When you book with us, you agree to our booking conditions.


When you make a booking on you make your reservation directly with Ardennen Camping Bertrix via the booking system. If you have any questions or encounter problems when booking, please contact us directly.

To make a reservation you must be at least 21 years old. If this is not the case, Ardennen Camping Bertrix has the right to cancel your reservation. The amount paid will be refunded.

Within the EU the right of withdrawal, also known as the legal cooling-off period, applies to distance purchases (by telephone, internet or post). This right of withdrawal does not apply when you rent a camping pitch or accommodation at Ardennen Camping Bertrix. This means that the reservation you make is legally final. A contract is concluded between you and Ardennen Camping Bertrix when you receive written confirmation with invoice from the campsite.


For pitches, you may stay with a tent, a trailer tent, a camping car, a caravan or a camping car, unless otherwise indicated. Camping devices wider than 2.5m or longer than 8m (pole included) or weighing 4500kg or more are not allowed. A maximum of 2 additional tents may be placed on a pitch. An extra charge applies.


We try to take your wishes into account as much as possible. Any pitch number given is always subject to change. Would you like more certainty? Then you can book a preferential pitch at an extra charge. In unforeseen circumstances and/or a situation of force majeure, the campsite always reserves the right to change a pitch. In this case you will of course be refunded any preferential rates you have paid.


After receiving the booking confirmation, 50% of the total rental fee must be paid immediately. The remaining amount must be paid 4 weeks before the date of arrival. For reservations made within 4 weeks, the total amount due must be paid at the same time as the reservation. If the payment term is exceeded, Ardennen Camping Bertrix reserves the right to charge an administration fee or cancel the reservation.

If we do not receive payment by the due date communicated in the confirmation, Ardennen Camping Bertrix has the right to cancel the reservation. Should this apply to the second instalment, you will not be entitled to a refund of the first instalment you have already paid.


On you will receive a price quote on your screen when booking. Although these prices have been entered into the system with the utmost care, the campsite reserves the right to go back on a price quote. The total price becomes final upon receipt of written confirmation with invoice from the recreation company. Prices are inclusive of VAT.


Rental accommodation: Ardennen Camping Bertrix has the right to charge a deposit for renting accommodation. The deposit will be refunded on departure, provided the rental accommodation is left tidy and clean, no inventory is missing and no damage has been caused to the accommodation or the inventory.

Rental items: The campsite may also charge a deposit for rental items. The deposit will be refunded when these rental items are returned undamaged.


Changes involving partial cancellation (e.g. shortening of the booked period) are subject to the cancellation conditions for that part.


A. If cancelled between the date of the reservation confirmation and 6 weeks before arrival, 50% of the total rent + reservation costs shall be charged.

B. If cancelled between 6 weeks before arrival and 1 week before arrival, 90% of the total rent will be charged.

C. If cancelled between 1 week before arrival and the day of arrival itself, the full rent will be charged.

D. No refunds will be made for earlier departure or later arrival than booked.

E. You must cancel in writing.

F. Free cancellation applies only within 24 hours of booking.


Affiliation to the cancellation fund is advised. By joining the cancellation fund, one can safeguard oneself against the costs of cancellation of the rental accommodation/campsite, if one of the travelling companions:

A. suddenly falls ill or is injured as a result of an accident;

B. suffers a death in the immediate family, i.e. death of spouse, husband, parents, parents-in-law, children, brothers or sisters.

In addition, this fund will compensate you for cancellation costs if the head of the family becomes involuntarily unemployed. Closing the cancellation fund is only possible directly at the time of booking. The cancellation fund provides cover from the day of booking until the departure date you enter on the booking request.

In case of early departure, for one of the reasons mentioned above, refunds will be made pro rata to the number of holidays not taken. In this case, you must notify the campsite reception of the vacancy of the rental/camping site. Any consumed extras will not be reimbursed if the holiday is cancelled prematurely. In order to qualify for payment from the cancellation fund, a cancellation statement and supporting documents must be submitted.

In case of cancellation, there will be no refund of the cancellation fund premium and the reservation fee. The premium is 5.5% of the total amount and EUR 5 administration costs. These are stated as a standard extra service, but will automatically lapse if you have not paid the cancellation fund amount by the due date.


Arrival and departure times can be found on your booking confirmation, which you will receive by e-mail. Camping: On departure, the camping pitch must be left vacated and clean. Rental accommodation: Immediately upon arrival, please report any imperfections and/or missing inventory at our campsite reception. On the day of departure, the accommodation must be left clean and tidy.


During the rental period mentioned on the booking confirmation, you are allowed to enter the campsite with a vehicle. One vehicle is allowed per pitch or rental. The vehicle must always be parked on its own pitch. It is forbidden to park on the roads of the campsite. Motorised traffic is not permitted between 23:00 and 07:00.


Visitors of campers must at all times report to the reception of Ardennen Camping Bertrix upon arrival. Visitors pay a visitors' rate and can park their vehicle in the car park at the entrance.

13. PETS

Depending on the accommodation or period, rules regarding pets apply. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Hygienic walks of dogs must take place outside the campsite. Pets are not allowed in some buildings (including the sanitary blocks). It is not allowed to leave pets unattended in the accommodation or camping pitch. The owner of the animal is liable for any damage or contamination. The owner must also ensure that the presence of his pet does not disturb other guests.


A pitch is connected to the campsite's electricity network (10 ampere) with a Euro plug. You are not allowed to charge your electric car at the electricity supply.


When available, access to the swimming pool is reserved for tenants of accommodation or camping pitches and any visitors (paying) who have a receipt. The pool regulations (see pool entrance) must be strictly observed.


A. In connection with maintaining the state of the campsite and by order of the fire brigade, it is not permitted to light open fires or campfires on the campsite and in the play forest.

B. Fire extinguishers are located in all sanitary blocks and common areas.

C. Barbecuing is allowed only with a high barbecue (on legs) and it must be under adult supervision at all times. When using the barbecue, always have a bucket of water or other extinguishing agent at hand.


A. Theft and loss: Ardennes Camping Bertrix is not liable for theft, destruction and/or loss of belongings.

B. Damage and injury: Entering the campsite is at your own risk. Ardennen Camping Bertrix and its staff cannot be held liable for any injury and/or material or immaterial damage suffered by visitors to the camp site.

C. Own risk: Participation in activities organised by the campsite or by third parties is entirely at your own risk.

D. The camper of a camping pitch or the user of a rental accommodation causing nuisance may, after a warning, be removed from the campsite. This will be done without refund.

E. Statements made by Ardennes Camping Bertrix staff, in whatever capacity, regarding the campsite's liability are not binding.


A. There must be silence on the campsite between 11 pm and 7 am. The night watchman will ensure this during the summer period.

B. Our aim is always to make your stay as pleasant as possible for you and your fellow campers. Our goal is to be a fine and safe holiday location, as a shining jewel in the Belgian Ardennes. We, with our team, will do our utmost to achieve this and we also count on your cooperation. This way, together, we will create a nice holiday experience for all our guests.

C. If the campsite regulations are not respected, an official warning will be issued and an incident report will be drawn up by the security officer on duty. The incident report must be signed and will be attached to the file.

The campsite reserves the right to expel a guest at any time and not to refund them if the rules are not respected.


  • Discount is calculated on the basic rental price (not on bookable/mandatory extras, tourist tax, electricity costs or final cleaning costs).

  • Only applies to new reservations.

  • Seasonal places are excluded from promotions.

  • Not valid in combination with other offers.

  • Availability may vary per park/arrival date and is limited.

  • Price changes reserved. Printing and typing errors reserved.