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Ardennes Rangers

The recreational programme 'Ardennes Rangers' is specially designed to introduce children to nature in an interactive way. The Belgian Ardennes are of course the perfect location for this! Together with our specially trained rangers, children go on an adventure, for example looking for deer and wild boars or exploring an exciting cave together.

The programme is varied and suits the age of the children. They learn everything about the flora and fauna of the Ardennes in a playful way. There are four different educational programmes with the following themes: water world, forest, animal kingdom and challenge. The young 'Rangers' learn how to make rope bridges and water filters and during forest games they learn all about the food chain. And what better place to do this than in our own play forest.

If your child takes part, he/she receives a Ranger cap and a Ranger passport in which all the activities are recorded. After completing all the worlds of experience, the 'Ranger' receives a souvenir in the form of a certificate.

Children only want one thing... To become a Ranger. Fun and educational at the same time!